Nook Gaming Station Setup Ideas For Gamers

By Robert David Orr / Last updated: Oct 14, 2022

So you want to set up a gaming room but all you have is a small nook as a place to set it up.

Seems like your options would be limited, but that’s actually not the case.

You can create a very cool, cozy gaming room nook that will be an ideal place for your gaming room setup idea.

If you want to create a nook gaming station in your small bedroom, the first thing you need to do is rearrange the space, find the perfect spot, and select the right equipment to use. The formula for an excellent gaming nook is great creative ambient lighting, a comfy chair, the right desk, the right storage and shelving and your favorite games. 

Of course, it goes without saying that you are also going to need a console or PC setup, but we’re pretty sure that you’ve already got this part taken care of.

This article will fill you in on how to create the perfect gaming nook in a small space or small bedroom. Plus, we will also throw in some cool gaming room ideas from other gamers to inspire you with your game room design for undoubtedly better gaming sessions!

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Nook Gaming Room Setup Ideas For Gamers

A small bedroom or is plenty enough space to enjoy video gaming.

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you cannot create a fully-functional gaming setup in your home.

Playing video games is a lot more fun if you have a gaming space dedicated to gaming alone or even with friends. If you want to transform a small nook into your room into the ultimate video gaming space– you are in the right place.

The first step is to figure out where you want to put your gaming station setup. You don’t necessarily have to have a separate room for your gaming station, so if your space is limited like so many other people a nook or small space can be a fantastic solution.

Having a dedicated area for your gaming station is always a good idea because it gives you the perfect place to create your battle station setup and spend time playing your favorite games.

Having a gaming room setup in a small nook also helps you focus on what you’re doing, not be a distraction to other people in your home and give you some privacy while doing it.

What Should I Have in My Nook Gaming Room Setup?

First things first – because we’re using a small room or small nook to set up your gaming room, you have to get clever about how you use space, so the furniture, storage, and peripherals you’re going to use are going to need to fit the space perfectly.

Some of the essentials should include:

Small Gaming Desk

Because the space you’re using is small it only naturally follows that you’d use a small gaming desk in your gaming room.

You can get really amazing gaming desks at any size. You can learn more about the best small gaming desks for a small room here.

Another excellent choice for a small gaming room is L-shaped desks. You can use it to maximize an entire corner of your room and make use of the entire space. Here are cool game room ideas that use an L-shaped gaming desk:

This Gaming room setup has a huge desk with so much space for video games underneath. The person also decorated the blank wall to create a gaming vibe in the bedroom for a better gaming experience.

Console gaming setups don’t usually require a ton of desk space, which is why having a large desk is better if you are using a gaming PC setup.

The Perfect Gaming Chair

Just like a desk, there are also many gaming chairs to choose from, but the best and most comfortable chair is something that fits in your room without hogging a lot of space– kind of like this gaming setup here:

It is simple yet effective. If you are a minimalist, this gaming chair and desk have all the essentials to create a small bedroom gaming setup without getting in the way of other bedroom functions.

However, if you are a console gamer, you might want to try more comfortable console gaming chair options, such as bean bag chairs or even a sofa– if you have more bedroom space.

Ambient Lighting

Popular streamers and gamers you see on the internet playing popular games have one thing in common in their gaming room setup. And that is the use of colorful ambient lighting. Ambient lights don’t only make your video gaming setup look better, but they actually help reduce strain in the eyes when playing.

These gaming room setup ideas have fantastic lighting and decorations that instantly turn their bedrooms into fully-fledged game stations:

With the use of RGB LED strips, modular lighting, and other decorations– they gave their small bedroom setups a total makeover. And we can all agree that having a better gaming setup can definitely help you focus more on being a competitive gamer, rather than just playing video games casually.

Nook Storage

One of the biggest problems with smaller rooms is not enough space for storage. This means that you’ll be forced to find creative ways to store your stuff.

One of the easiest solutions is to add some shelves to your room. These gaming room setup ideas show how easy it is to add shelves to a small bedroom. They also give you some great inspiration for decorating your walls.

Design Ideas For Your Nook Gaming Setup

If you’re looking for more design ideas for your nook gaming setup, check out these awesome designs below:

Memorabilia and Collectibles

Gaming art is another essential part of any good gaming setup. It’s a nice touch to bring some memorabilia and collectibles from your favorite stuff to add to your gaming room setup, whether it’s large or small.

Autographed prints and limited edition collectibles are always a good idea because, not only will they  will more than likely. increase its value over time, but they also look really cool when you’ve got them setup in your gaming room, delivering a really cool atmosphere and vibe.


Framed posters are a great way to display posters and pictures from your favorite movies, TV shows, and music artists. You can get posters of all sizes (since you’re in a nook, smaller is probably better) online from Amazon and frames at almost any home goods store and they come in different sizes so you can easily fit them anywhere in your gaming room setup.

LED Lighting

We’ve already mentioned lighting above, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t include it in every single aspect of your gaming setup. Whether it’s a desk lamp or an overhead light, adding lighting to your nook gaming setup will make sure that you can play comfortably while keeping your eyes focused and relaxed.

You can even get some cool LED strip lighting if you want to go big and bold.

Philips Hue lighting is a wildly popular option that allows you to control your lighting through your smartphone.

Decorative Items

It doesn’t matter what kind of room you have, there are always going to be things that you need to keep organized. A simple shelf is a great place to put your books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and anything else that you might need to organize.

This is especially true for nooks since they don’t have much space to work with.

How Do I Make My Setup Look Clean?

Now that you have all your gaming gear, your dream gaming PC setup, and other gaming accessories you need. You want to make sure your setup is neat and clean. You will need cable management accessories to do it.

The best way to keep your setup clean is by managing all your cables. Cable management can be very frustrating, but it’s a good thing that there are gaming accessories that help you with cable management. All you need is to be a little bit creative and have a clear head when setting your rig up.

Some gaming desks come with cable management accessories, but if your desk doesn’t have them, you can always pick some essentials up from Amazon.

Here are some examples:

Item What is it good for?
Cable Management Set Good for all-around cable management
Cable Runway Good for HDMI and LAN cables under the desk
Cord Cover Raceway Good for walls

How Do I Spice Up My Gaming Setup?

Spicing up your gaming setup can lead to a better gaming experience and prolonged gaming sessions. There are many ways to improve your setup, such as adding lights, adding game room furniture, upgrading your gaming controller gaming console, or simply adding game room decor.

There are tons of gaming accessories and decor you can purchase, even without spending money. You can decorate your gaming room decor and setup by displaying retro gaming consoles, retro games, exclusive game posters, and more.

Here are some examples of gaming decorations from other users you can take inspiration from:

Can I Convert My Closet Into a Gaming Room?

If your room is a little too tight for your gaming setup, but you have a closet that is big enough to fit your gaming rig, you can transform your closet into your ultimate gaming room instead. Just make sure you find a place to store your clothes or whatever is in your closet right now.

Here are easy steps to convert your closet into a game room:

  • Empty your closet
  • Set up a desk, a chair, and some speakers
  • Add lighting
  • Add a fan or air conditioning
  • add final touches
  • Enjoy your new gaming station

Some gaming closets will require DIY work, if you want to custom fit a gaming desk or if you have lots of gaming accessories. But if you don’t have DIY experience, you can always just measure the space and buy the right-sized furniture that fits.

Here are cool closet gaming room ideas:

For even more ideas about how to convert a closet into a small gaming room click here.

Next Steps

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