How to Choose The Best Gaming Desk For You – 2022

By Robert David Orr / Last updated: Nov 30, 2022

When it comes to choosing a gaming desk, especially if you’ve got a small bedroom gaming room, you’ve got lots of choices.

But not all desks are created equal. Some are designed specifically to serve as a dedicated gaming desk while many other desks can serve multiple purposes and are built for general purpose use.

To pick the best gaming desk for you – whether you’ve got a large gaming room, or you’re setup in a small bedroom for your gaming room – you need to pick the right size, get the right shape for your gaming style, one that’s ergonomic, built with high quality materials and has all the features you want.

The best gaming desk will be able to store your games and gaming equipment in their storage bins – whether shelves or drawers – which will help keep them safe, clean, and will have all your controllers and peripherals within reach.

Besides being great as your battle station and for gaming, these specialized desks can also serve multiple purposes as great work desks.

With so many different choices available, it’s tough to find the right fit without being overwhelmed with all the options so I’ve broken it all down for you in this simple guide.

In this article we’ll look at the features available in gaming desks, the pros and cons of each type of gaming desk and how to choose the best gaming desk for you.

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How To Decide What Type of Desk To Get & Choose The Best Gaming Desk For You

How To Decide What Type of Desk To Get & Choose The Best Gaming Desk For You

The first step would be to decide if you want a standing desk or a sitting desk. A standing desk will allow you to stand while working at your computer.

Then you need to consider where you’re going to place your new gaming desk and how it’s going to fit with any other furniture in the room.

For example, you have to take into consideration how your room is actually built.

  • Where are the closets?
  • Where is the door?
  • Which wall do you have space that you can use for your desk?

Just because you have a particular desk that you want, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to fit correctly in your space, so make sure you plan out how you plan to arrange your furniture in your bedroom in order to accommodate your new gaming desk.

Now that you’ve got that figured out, you have to figure out what features you want on your gaming desk.

  • Do you want a hook to hang your headphones from?
  • Do you want a cup holder?
  • Do you want LED lighting on your desk?
  • Do you need extra USB ports and charging capabilities in your desk?
  • Do you need to elevate your gaming PC off the floor?
  • Do you want a corner desk, an l-shaped desk, or a standard desk shape?
  • Do you need extra storage?

All of these features are great, but they also will increase the price of your gaming desk, so keep that in mind if you’re working with a smaller budget.

Most gaming desks aren’t overly expensive. Sure, they cost a few hundred dollars, but that price is much lower than the price of other desks.

Once you’ve got these answered, you’ll have substantially whittled down the types of gaming desk you have to choose from and your selection will be much easier, and I’ve grouped the recommended desks below by the size and shape to help you find what you’re looking for faster.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Desk for Your Room

Gaming desks come in different sizes and shapes, and offer different types of features and options.

Some desks can even be customized to fit your needs.

There are so many different types of desks available, choice overload and the paralysis from analysis are real things so I’ve put together an overview of things to consider when choosing your desk to cut through all the clutter and get to the facts so you can make the best possible decision.

Best Gaming Desk Features

Gaming desks are known for being feature-rich and are available with so many useful features such as a keyboard tray, headphone hooks, cup holders and cable management built right in.

Keyboard trays are great space savers. Some keyboard trays can stay put while in use, so there’s no need to worry about them moving around while in use.

Another feature you should look for in your dedicated gaming desk is one with built-in electrical outlets and USB ports so you won’t have to worry about running out of power or having to fumble around trying to connect cables, or have cord spaghetti all over your desktop.

In addition to the convenience of cup holders and headphone hooks, you can also get gaming desks with  a full-sized mouse pad that covers the whole surface. That way you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

If you are looking for visual appeal in addition to rock-solid functionality, many gaming desks are equipped with RGB LED lighting effects like the Eureka Call of Duty L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk. Some gaming desks come equipped with programmable and synchronizable LED lights that can sync up with your gaming console or be connected to your gaming PC so that you have direct control over the lighting effects.

EUREKA ERGONOMIC L Shaped Standing Desk, Call of Duty Gaming Desk, 61″ Dual Motor Electric Height Adjustable Desk, Sit Stand Up Corner Desk with LED Monitor Riser, USB Charging Ports, Large Mouse Pad

  • [OFFICIALLY LICENSED Call of Duty Ⓡ Standing Desk] :Every design choice was made to provide Call of Duty fans the best, most immersive experience, using the highest quality materials.
  • [High-Performance Dual-Motor Height Adjustment]: patented high-performance dual-motor height adjustment system is specially designed to provide quiet, smooth, and reliable height adjustment up to 220 lbs. Height adjustment range of 29”-48” (without monitor riser) makes it easy to maintain a healthy and comfortable posture, keeping you focused and energized; The controller has two memory presets for your sitting and standing heights and two USB ports to charge your devices.

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As you move from fancy to practical, it’s always a good idea to look at the storage spaces that are available on any model you choose. You’re going to need storage space one way or another, so how much space you have to work with is important because you’ll need somewhere to stash your controllers and peripherals.

Even though some gaming desks come with a lot of storage space, not all of them are created equal.

Best Gaming Desk Sizes

A gaming desk should be large enough to fit your monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and any other peripherals you use while playing games.

But the size of the desk you need depends whether you’re using a single monitor or a dual monitor setup and how much space you have if you’re using a small bedroom for your gaming room.

Best Width For A Gaming Desk

The average computer monitor size is roughly 25 to 28 inches wide horizontally so if you have two of them set side by side using landscape orientation, you need at least 50 inches of width for your gaming desk.

If you are using a single ultra-wide monitor they can range from 34 inches wide to 49 inches wide or more, so having adequate desktop space to support such a large monitor is crucial to your gaming experience.

Your desk should be wide enough for your monitors to sit side by side without overlapping or being awkward.

Gaming desks like the Vitesse 63 inch ergonomic gaming desk give you plenty of room for a multi-monitor or ultrawide monitor setup.

VITESSE Gaming Desk 63 Inch, Ergonomic Gamer Computer Desk with Mouse Pad, PC Gaming Tables with Chargeable Gaming Handle Rack, Cup Holder Headphone Hook…

  • Sturdy PVC tabletops are supported by a solid steel frame. Up to 260 pounds of load-bearing capacity, T-shaped legs design for more stable support.
  • 63“ W*29.5” D carbon fiber desktop, the large PVC laminated surface and mouse pad provides massive space for your gaming monitors, PC, gaming keyboards and other gaming gear.

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You should also make sure that your desk is large enough to accommodate other computer equipment like your oversized XL mouse pad, your mechanical keyboard, and your gaming PC tower.

Best Depth For A Gaming Desk

All computer monitors these days are low-profile and shallow in depth. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean a shallow-depth gaming desk is the best choice.

Your desktop space is used for more than just a place to mount your monitors and if you go too slim, you’ll feel like you’re sitting right on top of your monitor with little to no room to move at all making for a poor gaming experience.

You need a place for your mechanical keyboard, your mouse, and a place for your wrists to rest while you’re playing or working at your gaming rig.

A gaming desk with a shallower depth is great for getting close for intense gaming situations and full immersion in your favorite games.

Lots of pro gamers prefer 24 inch monitors and to sit pretty close to it in their gaming chair so that their head movement is minimized and they can be fully engaged.

If you prefer to be close to your monitor then choosing a gaming desk that’s 30 inches or smaller is the best bet. I recommend the Seven Warrior 40 inch gaming desk for something that’s shallow. At only 23.6 inches deep it’s a fantastic desk for someone who doesn’t like the desk to be too deep.

SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk 40INCH with RGB Mouse Pad & Power Outlet, Carbon Fiber Surface Gamer Desk with Monitor Stand, Ergonomic Y Shaped Gamer Table with Cup Holder, Headphone Hook, Outlet Organizer

  • The Seven Warrior gaming desks utilize an ultra-stable and sturdy Y-shaped leg design to stand up to any serious gamer’s demands. The Sturdy table top is supported by a solid steel frame featuring up to 550lbs of load-bearing capacity. Adjustable leg pads ensure the table keeps a sturdy construction even on uneven ground without wobbling.
  • Our gaming desk is equipped with a monitor stand that allows for more space to store your equipment and also allows you to sit with better posture. The dimensions of this gamer desk are 40.0″L*23.6″W*29.0″H. This large table surface guarantees your concentration and comfort while playing. The cup holder and headphone hook keep your drinks and headphones right at your fingertips. Our gaming handle rack, cable grommets, outlet organizer Offer you an organized playing atmosphere.

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Many of the best small gaming desks we’ve reviewed are 24 inches in depth.

If you prefer a little more distance between you and the screen, or your favorite games do not require such intense focus and proximity, then going with something 30 inches or more is the best bet.

Best Shapes For A Gaming Desk

The best gaming desk shape depends on two things: your preference and the placement of your gaming desk in your gaming room.

Rectangular gaming desk shapes are the easiest to use. They are also very flexible. You can choose a wide variety of sizes depending on whether you have a larger gaming room, or a small bedroom gaming setup.

Rectangular desks are the staple in tournament play because, just as you would expect, they allow you to maximize your viewing area and get close to your monitor as needed.

These desks are perfect for those who want to minimize distractions and focus solely on their game.

L-Shaped Desks are the best fit if you need to have a multi-functional space and need more than just a dedicated gaming desk.

L-shaped gaming desks are great for gamers who want to separate their game time from their work time and are great for fitting into a small bedroom gaming room setup where you need to put your gaming desk into a corner.

Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk, Computer Gaming Desk, Home Corner Desk, Office Writing Workstation with Large Monitor Stand, Space-Saving, Easy to Assemble, Black

  • Assembling the L shaped computer desk is as easy as ABC. We provide you with easy understanding instructions, and if that doesn’t work out, we have 24/7 service for your assistance. The shiny gaming desk L shape is just a wipe away! Unlike most gaming table desk, our black edition is anti-skidding, anti-scratch and easy to clean.
  • This hard sturdy L-shaped desk can hold anything under the sun – constructed from P2 MDF Board and strong metal frame, it is both stable and durable. With 1.2″ by 0.6″ bar width strong enough to support up to 100lbs of weight.

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For L-shaped desks, my suggestion would be the Mr. Ironstone L-shaped corner desk with ample workspace and an included monitor stand.

Some desks are dedicated corner desks designed specifically to fit into corners and take up minimal space. These are great for small rooms.

Best Gaming Desk Storage

Having storage compartments built into the underside of your gaming desk makes it easy to access your gaming accessories while keeping them out of sight.

Having drawers and compartments to stash away items that aren’t in use so you have a clean and clear surface on your gaming computer desk while you’re immersed in work or in battle is vital, so find a desk that’s got really good storage.

Built-in shelves and monitor risers are great for storing collectibles, and there are even some models of gaming desks with built-in shelves specifically designed to hold your computer tower off of the ground.

The best gaming desk with plenty of storage I’ve found is the Earthsign L-shaped gaming desk. It’s got a ton of desktop surface that includes shelving and stand for your PC tower.

Earthsign L-Shaped Home Office Desk with Four Shelves Storage, Spacious Corner Computer Desk for Working from Home, Workstation, Gaming, 56.96 Inch, Round Corner, with Wood Top

  • L-shaped Desk for Working from Home : The Earthsign home office desk is L-shaped design, which is suitable for a home office setup for WFH. It fits perfectly in the corner and it has sleek appearance.
  • Spacious Big Enough for a Home Office Desk: As the size (56.96″ + 56.96″)L x 21.65″ W x 29.4″, Earthsign home office desk has a decent desk depth to it so you have a nice work area. It has enough space for multiple monitors with your docking station, keyboard, mousepad, etc. It’s also a good choice as your workstation, for your gaming computers, for your online teaching space, college apartment, craft room/office, etc.

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And if you find one you like, but the storage options are limited, make sure you keep reading because I’ve got more info below on how to manage your gaming space when you don’t have a lot of room.

Best Material For A Gaming Desk

In most instances the material used to construct a gaming desktop is going to be medium-density fiberboard (MDF) wood.

MDF is cheaper than real wood, but it looks like wood and can easily be covered with carbon fiber material, laminate, or something else to give it a high-quality finished look.

There’s nothing at all wrong or inferior when it comes to MDF wood desks. It’s just a great option to use because it’s versatile and keeps the costs down.

That’s why I recommend using MDF or some other kind of engineered wood for your desktop surface, especially if you’re building a gaming desk. You can cover the surface with whatever you’d like and you don’t have to worry about cosmetic issues on the surface. Plus, you’ll get many of the benefits of using real wood, without having the expense. Just make sure you stabilize it well to prevent bowing.

Real wood surfaces are popular too, but you won’t see it used in gaming desktops very often. It’s a fantastic material to build a desk from – it’s highly durable and beautiful – but it’s also very expensive.

There are some desks that use glass as their desktop, but these kinds of desk really aren’t very good for the avid gamer. Glass desktops can crack and break easily.

Virtually all gaming desks use a steel framework for the base of the desk. Whether it’s an adjustable desk, or a regular desk, having quality metal in your desk frame is important for durability and longevity.

All these surfaces are fine. They all come down to budget and preference.

Gaming Desk Ergonomics

The science of ergonomics is the science of how well your work equipment fits with your body mechanics.

And because gaming can mean that you’re spending several hours in a seated position, it’s vital that your gaming desk help you avoid pain and fatigue.

You need a desk that has enough room for your legs and that gives you enough space for your ergonomic gaming chair to be placed at the right distance from your computer.

Ergonomic gaming desks are preferred because they reduce strain on the body and help prevent repetitive stress injuries.

A well-designed ergonomic desk will provide comfort and support for your body when you’re spending time in intense gaming sessions.

Ergonomic desks usually feature adjustable height features and are contoured to relieve stress on arms and wrists. Some include a keyboard tray that supports your keyboard.

You should consider how much time you spend playing games and whether you need to sit or stand. If you play games for long periods of time, then you may want to invest in a standing desk.

Standing gaming desks like the Eureka EGD-S62B 65 inch Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk are great for gamers who spend hours upon hours sitting down. They allow you to get up and move around to get your blood flowing and relieve aches and pains that come from sitting too much.

Standing desks can be a little more expensive, but they offer many benefits over traditional sitting desks.

Some of the features that you might want in a standing desk include:

  • Adjustable height
  • Larger work surface
  • Storage drawers
  • Keyboard tray

Some of the other things that you might want in your gaming desk include:

  • Monitor riser
  • Keyboard tray
  • Storage shelf
  • Adjustable feet

Vari Curve Electric Standing Desk 60″ x 30″ (VariDesk) – Sit to Stand Desk for Home, Office, Gaming w/Cable Passthroughs – Computer Desk w/ 4 Height Settings, Curved Desktop and Sturdy Legs (Black)

  • DIFFERENT BY DESIGN: This incredibly stable height adjustable desk makes it easy to go from sitting to standing for happier, healthier, more productive work. Having undergone rigorous testing, our desks are built to last with a heavy-duty steel frame, powerful dual motors, and a durable laminate finish. Measuring 60″ x 30″, you have plenty of space for two computer monitors, a laptop, a notebook, accessories, and extra hardware.
  • CURVED DESKTOP WITH CABLE PASSTHROUGHS: Rest your arms comfortably on the curved ergonomic desktop, with built-in cable passthroughs with grommets to keep your work surface clean and organized. This computer desk is compatible with Vari’s Cable Management Tray.

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My recommendation as one of the best ergonomic gaming desks is the Vari Curve Electric Standing desk. What this desk lacks in frills than many other gaming desks have it more than makes up for in its ergonomic design approach.

Managing Your Gaming Space When You Don’t Have Much Room

Home Office Storage

You’ve freed yourself from parents and moved into a dorm or an apartment. You’ve got a lot of space to play games and study.

Your computer’s bulky case makes it hard to move around.

Or maybe you still live at home and your room isn’t very big.

Or maybe you’re setting your gaming room up in your spare bedroom but your space is limited.

Whatever the reason, you probably don’t have enough space to comfortably sit at a traditional desk.

So let’s talk about how to manage your gaming space when you don’t have much room.

Go up instead of out

Going vertical by adding the things you need in a narrower space and maximizing shelving is always a good option.

This way, you won’t feel as cramped and you can easily access everything you need.

Look to the corners

So many times corners are underutilized spaces that are fantastic opportunities for setting up your gaming rig.

Eliminate the unnecessary

Maybe your small bedroom gaming room doesn’t need to keep that bookshelf in there. Or maybe the room is being used for some other kind of storage that can be moved elsewhere.

Eliminating things from that space will help to declutter and make your gaming room into a more functional space.

Use the walls

The walls of your bedroom are another great spot for organizing your gaming gear.

Instead of using shelves, use hooks or brackets to attach them to the walls. This way, you can store all of your equipment right next to each other without having to worry about knocking over anything.

Get creative with your storage

I know this sounds crazy, but sometimes you just gotta get creative with your storage.

Instead of using a shelf, you might want to try hanging something from the ceiling.

It’s a little bit harder to do, but it’s worth it if you want to maximize your space.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a gaming desk that’s ergonomic, and fits your vibe is a must, especially if your space is limited or you’re setting your gaming room up in a small bedroom.

And of course, one thing that goes well with all gaming desks is a good gaming chair.

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